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DK Cham Jang Gong: Tecnica di allenamento

DK Cham Jang Gong: Tecnica di allenamento
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Dk Yoo


This book is Italian version and open to all martial artists, athletes and the general public who wants to improve their fundamental strength.
DK ChamJangGong training will help to raise your standard to the next level, no matter what your sports or martial arts field is.
This book includes more than 115 pictures and master DK Yoo's actual training posture with detailed descriptions so you can fully train using the book and improve your body level.

In this book you will learn:
Modern interpretation of 'Internal power' of Chinese martial arts
The principle that the body is not pushed by the external pushing force
Secrets of Martial Arts Masters
How to change your body's temperament
How to use the whole body as one
How to increase the elasticity of the body
Seven basic training in daily life
Practical DK ChamJangGong training and an advanced training method using training and tools.

And more principles and practices..

This book details the theoretical understanding and the method of how to achieve the fundamental "invisible power" that has been covered under veils.
I hope your journey will be successful with this book.