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Forbidden affair. A Tale from Arakan

Forbidden affair. A Tale from Arakan
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"Forgive me sweetheart. I should've called you the moment I reached Saudi Arabia. After reaching Saudi Arabia, it took me two weeks for organizing everything." Su said, "What name should I use to save your number?" Rafiq replied, "Why? The name Rafiq is good enough, isn't it?" "No. it's a very common name. I'll save your number as Hissain." Rafiq asked, "What's the meaning of it?" "Gem." Rafiq smiled and said, "Then let it be so." That's the story of a secret love. Love that overcomes difficulties and diversities. Myanmar: the number of Rohingya Muslims has increased in Ruthi Daung district. At the moment they are majority only in Maung Dao in the border area but if things continue like this one day their number in Ruthi Daung will also exceed the Buddhist population. ...Than Kin looked at his master and said, "I'm scared to even think about what'll happen to us then. In Maung Dao the quarrels between Hindus and the Muslims never end. The Hindus and Buddhists are fed up with these Rohingyas pestering them. Be it today or tomorrow, I think we have to take out the seed of this chaos." Some time ago, the author visited the Shamlapur Refugee Camp at Cox's Bazaar. There, he met the Rohingya refugees and heard their stories. When he returned, he undertook the project to portray the genocide committed against them.