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Laure Prouvost. GDM Grand Dad's Visitor Center

Laure Prouvost. GDM Grand Dad's Visitor Center
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Published in 2019, GDM - Grand Dad's Visitor Center is an homage to Laure Prouvost's grandparents and takes its title from the artist's first major solo exhibition in Italy, a Gesamtkunstwerk that brings together installations, videos and projections, sculptures and found objects. As the show held in 2017 at Pirelli HangarBicocca was conceived as a dreamlike universe, a labyrinthine all-compassing installation made of surreal and irregular architectures, the book aims to place the visitor/reader at the center of an immersive setting. Designed on a series of shifting layers, which challenge the linearity of contents with an apparently irregular flow, GDM - Grand Dad's Visitor Center revolves around the endeavor or construction-of stories, of buildings-aiming to erode the distinction between history and fiction, knowledge and (seeming) nonsense.