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That's My Way with Microsoft FSX - AddOns

That's My Way with Microsoft FSX - AddOns
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Alberto Ramolfo


Integrating FSX with some AddOn is almost a must. In this book we will examine some planes a bit out of the ordinary fashion like the Rutan LONG-EZ, the Icon A5, the BT-67 (reinterpretation of the old DC-3 in a modern key), the Boeing 727 or the awesome Jetstream-31.
Among the support and integration programs we will have a survey on FSUIPC, the ADE (Airport Design Editor), a couple of FMCs and the Panel Editor, with a practical example to build a 2D panel for the BT-67.
In closing there are two technical Appendices. The first one describes some software routines, written in Cpp, to interface the Simulator both with the DataBase of Little NavMap and with FSUIPC aiming to obtain and modify some flight parameters, read the data displayed on the internal GPS and set some weather parameters.
The second one gives the information on how to manage 64-bit variables with a 32-bit compiler.
A small paragraph on spherical trigonometry is necessary to understand some mathematical formulas used in the text.